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    • Large chess pieces includes 16 Black and 16 White
    • Ideal for indoor or outdoor play, this giant chess set is constructed of tough all weather black and white resin
    • 2 piece construction, add gravel to weigh the Ballast
    • Sturdy yet lightweight and easy to lift; perfect game for backyards
    • Polyethylene resin game pieces; 19"(pawn)to 25"(king)
    • 10' x 10' game board
  • Sale!

    Large Garden Buddha

    $555.00 $270.00
    Large Aluminum Buddha in a Patina Finish Lends Tranquility to the Garden
    • Dimensions: 21.5"H 16"W 15"D
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Weight: 12.5lbs
    • Dimensions: 21”H 11.5”W 7”D
    • Material: Iron and Wood
    • Weight: 3lbs
  • Sale!
    • Outdoor-safe
    • Sits on any flat surface
    • Made of ALUMINUM
  • Sale!
    • Dimensions: 12”H 12”W 8”D
    • Weight: 4lbs
    • Crafted with care from sturdy aluminum
    • Made for Indoor or Outdoor
  • Sale!
    • Type: Spitter
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Operates with Standard Garden Hose
    • Dimensions: 17" (W) x 13.5" (D) x 29.5" (H)
  • Sale!
    • 23.5"H 9"W 7.5"D - 4" Bowl
    • 5.5 Pounds
    • Cast Resin
    • Finish gives the appearance of a stone sculpture
    • Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Engraved River Rocks with Inspirational sayings range in size from 1 1/2" - 3 1/2". Natural stones vary in size and shape. Colors range from browns, tans, dark reddish brown and grays. Deeply engraved stones are polished for a smooth finish and filled with white ink. Assortment will include some of the following: Always In My Heart (heart pictured) Always With You (pawprint pictured) Ask Believe Receive Be Bold Be Brave Be Unafraid Believe in Yourself Choose Happiness Count your Blessings Follow your Dreams Forever Remembered, Forever Missed God Rocks Hope Anchors the Soul I Am In God's Care Let Go and Let God Live with Purpose Never Ending Love Forever Connected (two hearts pictured) One Day at a Time Prayer Changes Things This Too Shall Pass
  • 12" x 6½" x 6½". Accessories are not included.
  • 19" x 6½" x 8". The wheels spin on this item.  Use it in the garden or indoors.
  • 21" x 9½" x 10". The wheels spin on this unique planter.
  • The OneLogFire roasting sticks are an easy way to maximize fun by a camp fire and this convenient duo comes with a handcrafted pair of sticks so that two people can enjoy campfire time together. Make memories with this easy tool! Handmade in MN, each roasting stick is hand assembled with a ¾ inch smooth, finished Birch wood handle and the highest quality 1/8-inch-thick stainless-steel rod that is 24" long. At this length, you can sit comfortably and safely  up close to our OneLogFire or any traditional fire to enjoy any tasty bite on a stick with knowing your food and treats are on a sturdy cooking tool. The length of the OneLogFire roasting sticks gives you more control when roasting your favorite foods because it gives you the ability to shift and move whatever you are roasting closer to or away from the fire. No more burned marshmallows or charred hot dogs, and don't forget to take a look at the many recipes for breads, meats, appetizers and dinner, all of which you can enjoy using your OneLogFire roasting sticks. Each OneLogFire Roasting stick handle is branded with the OneLogFire logo or chosse from six differnt colors and has a hand tied leather loop for convenient storage, hanging or for display. Perfect for roasting marshmallows and enjoying memorable times together using the roasting sticks as a universal cooking tool. The easy cleanup of stainless steel means you'll be able to re-use these sticks for years to come. You could also consider getting four at a time so no body in your family or event has to share or wait for their roasting fun! Family bonding has never been so easy.
  • The OneLogFire Tabletop Fire Pit is designed and crafted to become the centerpiece of your patio, deck or yard as you enjoy the magic of a fire and is sure to add instant ambiance to your next gathering. The hand crafted, custom design of the firepit allows you to use the Tabletop Fire pit in a variety of ways. The Tabletop Fire Pit is intended to be used in combination with the burning of a OneLogFire log but can be used with any firewood, or other burnable products. The Firepit is made from Spun aluminum, and measures 18” inches in diameter by 5” inches tall. The OneLogFire firepit is a two-piece system with a base and the spun pit or disc that sits on top of the base. The fire pit comes supplied with black lava rock. The firepit weights just 4.0 pounds, making it easy to take anywhere! The Tabletop Fire Pit can sit on a table or any flat surface, the floor or can be mounted on a stand. See OneLogFire's other products and accessories for even more ideas of how to maximize the beauty and enjoyment of your fire. Here's how to use your OneLogFire Tabletop Fire Pit:

    1. Fill your tabletop fire pit with water in the fire pit base for an amazing effect or...
    2. Use the supplied black lava rock in the base for a traditional look or...
    3. Fill in the firepit base with other materials like river rock, glass marbles or sand for a different decorating experience

    • Easily start a natural fire anywhere with this One Log Fire Log
    • Environmentally friendly - made from 100% natural kiln-dried Minnesota red pine
    • Perfect for a quick fire 
    • Burns safely from the inside out, giving you up to two hours of burn time
  • The graceful curves of fire seen thorough the openings in the Fire Surfer remind us of the hypnotic waves that have lapped our shores for thousands of years while we sat ocean side enjoying a meal, a fire and our families. Sturdy eleven gauge steel allows this fire pit to be portable should you so desire taking the fire to that beach you love. This item is only offered with curbside delivery.
  • Our Rotating Lazy Susan displays the perfect combination of elegance and utility.  We collect our granite from New Hampshire fabricators who provide the stone in a stunning range of colors, with no two identical (color may not be as pictured).  This natural granite server is cut and finished by hand in our studio in southern New Hampshire.  With a high quality ball bearing, it is ideal for use as a hot plate (trivet), a cold plate for your cheeses, appetizers, fruits, sushi, cookie and pie coolers, a cutting board, a handsome and sturdy candle stand, or for any items you’d like to have accessible with an easy twirl. Available in rotating and stationary styles (see Stationary Granite Food Servers), the server measures 10”x10”x1.25” (12 lbs) with felt feet to protect furniture.  Pre-chill in fridge or freezer to keep foods cold, or warm in ovens up to 120°F  to keep things warm.  Hand wash with soap and water.   Fruit not included.