• Easily start a natural fire anywhere with this One Log Fire Log
    • Environmentally friendly - made from 100% natural kiln-dried Minnesota red pine
    • Perfect for a quick fire 
    • Burns safely from the inside out, giving you up to two hours of burn time
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    The Vista Blanket is an outdoor blanket that zips into a convenient carry tote. It has an adjustable carry strap and an extra-large pocket on the front of the tote. The exterior/underside of the tote/blanket is a solid color while the inside/topside has an attractive pattern that you haven't seen on an outdoor blanket. Add the fact that it's machine washable and dryable, and we're pretty sure you're going to love this blanket!


    • 59" x 51" blanket that folds/zips-up into a convenient carry tote with an adjustable carry strap
    • Extra large pocket on front of tote provide added storage
    • Can be machine washed and dried
  • The OneLogFire roasting sticks are an easy way to maximize fun by a camp fire and this convenient duo comes with a handcrafted pair of sticks so that two people can enjoy campfire time together. Make memories with this easy tool! Handmade in MN, each roasting stick is hand assembled with a ¾ inch smooth, finished Birch wood handle and the highest quality 1/8-inch-thick stainless-steel rod that is 24" long. At this length, you can sit comfortably and safely  up close to our OneLogFire or any traditional fire to enjoy any tasty bite on a stick with knowing your food and treats are on a sturdy cooking tool. The length of the OneLogFire roasting sticks gives you more control when roasting your favorite foods because it gives you the ability to shift and move whatever you are roasting closer to or away from the fire. No more burned marshmallows or charred hot dogs, and don't forget to take a look at the many recipes for breads, meats, appetizers and dinner, all of which you can enjoy using your OneLogFire roasting sticks. Each OneLogFire Roasting stick handle is branded with the OneLogFire logo or chosse from six differnt colors and has a hand tied leather loop for convenient storage, hanging or for display. Perfect for roasting marshmallows and enjoying memorable times together using the roasting sticks as a universal cooking tool. The easy cleanup of stainless steel means you'll be able to re-use these sticks for years to come. You could also consider getting four at a time so no body in your family or event has to share or wait for their roasting fun! Family bonding has never been so easy.
  • Made of cast iron. Measures 4" x 8.25" x 1"
  • Made of cast iron. Measures 2.5" x 8.5" x .25"
  • Made of cast iron. Measures 3.5" x 8.5" x .5"
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    Urban Basket

    $27.95 $24.95
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    The Potluck is a two-tiered casserole tote with an insulated compartment to carry warm or cold items and a separate zippered entry section on top that can be used for shelf-stable foods, utensils, and the like. Handles at the back have built-in elastic loops to one large serving utensil. A framed window slot and ID card will help to ensure your Potluck will make its way back to your kitchen.


    • 1 Casserole tote, polyester, 7" x 16.5" x 10.75"


    • Insulated compartment to use as a cooler or to store and transport warm casseroles up to 300
  • Made of cast iron. Measures 3.5" x 7.75" x .5"
  • Made of iron and metal, blackened and slightly rubbed to give an antique finish. A perfect addition to any kitchen or bath, nice and heavy, and well balanced. Hang your towels on this useful rack in the bathroom or the kitchen. Accessories are not included. [checklist icon="ok" iconcolor="#aaaaaa" circle="no"]
    • 11"W x 23.5"H x 5.75"D
    • Made Of Iron
    • Distressed to Give A Rustic Feel
    • Hangs Towels & Holds Bars Of Soap
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  • Mount this industrial planter to a wall or a fence. Features a spigot above the 7" flower pot. This piece measures measures 20" long, 8" wide and 8" deep.

    • 20"H x 8"W x 8"D
    • One 7" Flower Pot
    • Faux Water Faucet Design
  • This double plant holder stake will hold two plants at the same time. This piece measures 40½" tall and 15" spread from plant holder to plant holder. 7" diameter. Flower pots are included.

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    • 40.5"H x 15"W x 7"D
    • Two Pots Included
    • Faux Water Faucet Design
  • Triangle


    This old style supper bell works great for decoration and serves its purpose if you just want to let the kids know its time to come home and eat. Made in the USA this wrought iron chime will give you years of outstanding service. Chimes come in two sizes; this is the larger of the two measuring 14 In. W x 15 In. H. 5 3/4 In. Depth when hung.

    • 15"H x 14"W x 5.75"D
    • Powder coated matte black finish
    • Metal / Iron
  • Decorative iron wall hanging with 5 rounded hooks measures 30.75 x 12.25-inches, 3-inches thick 5 Handy hooks feature rounded points for safety rustic vintage look is great for inside or out
    • 30.75 x 12.25-inches
    • 5 Handy Hooks
  • This is made from plumbing parts and looks great mounted on a fence. 7" flower pots are included.

    • 11"H x 20.5"W x 10"D
    • Two 7" Flower Pots Included
    • Plumbing Pipes Used to Create A Rustic Feel