Carnaval Cheese Board

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Unfold the beautiful bamboo case to reveal a cutting board and four stainless steel cheese tools with multi-colored handles inside. The color and rich beauty of the Carnaval will help set the mood for your festive party. Compact and fully-enclosed, the Carnaval travels well when the party is away from home.

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  • 1 Bamboo Cutting Board
  • 4 Stainless Steel Cheese Tools
    Crumbly Cheese Chisel Knife
    Cheese Fork
    Pointed Tip Hard Cheese Knife
    Blunt-Tip Hard Cheese Knife
  • Painted Rubberwood Handles
  • Yellow, Aqua, Burnt Orange & Green
  • Cutting Board folds Into Compact Carrying Case
  • Cheese Tools With Multi-Colored Handles Fit Snugly Into Their Own Individual Nooks Opposite The Cutting Board
  • 56 Sq Inches Of Cutting Surface


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