One of Klaus Bosch’s passions is the art of Zen and Zen Gardens. He has a huge Zen garden outside of his home.  He also offers smaller table top Zen Gardens under the brand name Za-Zen.

We are pleased to be offering now the Koi Zen Garden by Za-Zen. The Koi is 39-1/3 x 15-3/4 x 2-1/3”.  It is massive.  It is Zen.  It is indoor!!  The Koi would make for a lovely addition to the home or board room.

Za-Zen is the name for a mediation in which you concentrate on a simple activity without allowing your mind to get disturbed by any other thoughts. It is a powerful tool to achieve deep concentration.

The Za-Zen Zen Gardens follow the Japanese purity and simplicity. Our Zen Gardens come only with what is necessary:  black wood board, white sands, river washed stone(s), wood rake and a Za-Zen booklet created by Klaus Bosch including secret knowledge.

Klaus Bosch (aka: Sandman) began making the Rainbow Vision Sand Pictures in 1988.  In 2015, he changed the brand name to KB Collection Sand Art to more currently represent his art form.  He started making his Za Zen Zen Gardens in 1998.  We have been featured in Art Galleries around the world (including the Agora Gallery in NYC, Denver Art Museum, K11 in Hong Kong, Artifacts in Taiwan, Mitsukoshi Department store in Ginza, Japan, Artprize in MI) and in designer trade shows such as Maison & Object, ICFF, Ambiente. I like to say there are sand pictures and then there is our sand art.